Georgetown Police arrest man in stabbing incident

Jack Ramsey Russell
Jack Ramsey Russell

Georgetown Police arrested a man this morning after he allegedly stabbed a friend that refused to give him money.

According to records filed in the Brown County Municipal Court, police were called to a report of a stabbing around 01:55am Saturday, Oct 31, at a home on South Apple Street in the village of Georgetown.

However, police were unable to locate any stabbing victims at the home.

After spending some time searching, police eventually located a man on a bicycle who claimed he saw the men arguing, but left before the stabbing occurred. He told police Jack Ramsey Russell, age 27, was one of the men involved in the argument and could be found at his residence at 311 South Apple Street.

During a consented search of Russell’s home, police recovered a black knife with a 5-inch blade.

Russell was taken in for questioning and partially admitted to stabbing his friend, saying that someone who “has kept out of trouble for so long” should be given a second chance, police said.

According to police, Russell initially tried to say the victim stabbed himself during an argument, and he received an injury trying to block the knife as the victim attempted to also stab him.

Police eventually located the victim. He told them Russell and the man on the bicycle were visiting at his home on Grisham Road, and after he brought them back to Russell’s house, Russell pulled a knife saying he wanted money from him.

The victim told police he was stabbed in the shoulder when he did not give Russell any money.

Russell was arrested and booked into the Brown County Adult Detention Center on second-degree felony assault.

Brown County Crime Reporter Oct 31, 2015 10:52 AM EST

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