Brown County Man accused of invading home and stabbing another man

Justin W. Moore
Justin W. Moore

A Brown County man is under arrest after he allegedly broke into a woman’s home and stabbed a man several times with a knife.

The incident happened between late evening Saturday, Nov 14 and early morning Sunday, Nov 15 on Oakland-Locust Ridge Road in Pike Township.

According to a probable cause affidavit written by Detective Chad Noble of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Justin Wayne Moore, age 34, burst into the woman’s home and picked a fight with a man in an upstairs bedroom.

Moore allegedly produced a knife and stabbed the man several times, according to Noble.

Noble said the homeowner’s son was able to get the knife from Moore, who then left the home and waited for a man to pick him up.

The victim was taken to Clermont Mercy Hospital by the woman. Staff at the hospital informed Brown County Communications Center about the stabbing.

Information on the victim’s condition was not available.

Charges are pending against Justin Moore, who is currently being held at the Butler County Jail per contract with Brown County.

In February 2015, prosecuting attorneys dismissed a third-degree felony domestic violence charge against Moore, citing insufficient evidence and the victim claiming her injuries were an accident as reasons for dismissal, Brown County Court of Common Pleas records indicate.

That incident allegedly occurred at the same residence as the stabbing, and the homeowner and her son were also involved in the case, according to court records.

Records from that period also suggest Moore had lived at the residence at that time.

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4 thoughts on “Brown County Man accused of invading home and stabbing another man

  1. He was warned to stay away from her. She has had him arrested too many times. She called him over to get her new boyfriend out of her house. She knew what she was doing. Love is blind and he is blinded by love. She has used and abused him so much. A complete idiot could see what she was doing to him. But he wouldn’t listen us and now he will pay for Her using him.


  2. That’s funny!!! You know so much about justin and the facts right?? Did you know his father came to my house when justin showed up unexpectally and tried to remove him and finally told me then to call the cops on his son arrested and get a restraining order… Do you know that the prosecutor has copies of phone record where he call several times n I never answered that day n they all the text he sent and the only reply he got was to stay away… They have several witness to him treating to kill Tyler even since he been locked up cause he still continues to call and say it when it’s all recorded so you no so much about our lives right that you feel the need to post false information about something you know nothing about… Right there a reason why none of this is on my Facebook and it is cause of dramma shit starter like you so do the world a favor and get your facts straight thanks


  3. I’m one of Tina’s bestfriends and I’m positive Tina and Tyler were 100% happy at the time this happened and still are 100% happy I’m also positive Tina never asked Justin to remove Tyler from her home at anytime because in reality Justin is the one that had to be repeated removed from her home so thats get the facts straight next time before we comment on things we have no clue about thanks


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