Georgetown woman charged with burglary and theft, $9,200 worth of stolen jewelry

Leanna Beckett

A Georgetown woman was charged with burglary and theft Thursday, Nov 19 following an investigation by Brown County Sheriff’s Office into $9,200 worth of stolen items.

Leanna Beckett, of Markley Square Apartments in Georgetown, allegedly stole an estimated $9,200 worth of jewelry and other items, including food, a lawn mower, and battery charger, according to a criminal complaint filed by Deputy Fetters of Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

Beckett is accused of breaking into the victim’s home and stealing the jewelry over some period of time. Investigators believe her boyfriend, who was working in the home for the victim, was in on the crime.

The victim was home while the jewelry was stolen, according to investigators.

Beckett was questioned and allegedly admitted to selling the jewelry at three separate pawn shops.

The boyfriend has not been questioned, but could also face charges.

Beckett is free on $50,000 bond with the condition she is to wear an ankle bracelet. She has been charged with burglary and  theft.

Editor’s note: The original value of the stolen items appears to have been incorrect. A discrepancy in court records was found and the value has been corrected.

Brown County Crime Reporter, Nov 19, 2015 6:27 PM EST

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