Brown County’s Top 7 Crimes of 2015

by Aaron Gibson, Editor, Dec 31, 2015

With 2016 approaching, Brown County Crime Reporter decided to take a look at the most intriguing crimes reported in Brown County, Ohio in 2015.

Here are our Top 7 Editor’s Picks (in no particular order.)

7. Jonathan Reichel Police Chase in Stolen Truck


Our most recent suspect is Bloomington, Indiana native Jonathan Reichel.

On Dec. 2, Reichel allegedly stole a truck from the McKinney Mart parking lot in Hamersville, eventually leading Brown County Sheriff’s deputies and Georgetown Police officers on a hot pursuit at speeds in excess of 80 MPH.

During several points in the chase, Reichel allegedly nearly lost control of the truck. At one point, he allegedly drove the truck through the yard of a North Street church in Georgetown, hitting a bump and causing the truck to go completely airborne.

According to his Dec. 17 indictment filed in Brown County Court of Common Pleas, Reichel received additional felony assault charges after he supposedly struck Georgetown Police officer Matt Staggs’ police cruiser in an attempt to run him off of the road.

See our article from Dec. 3 for the full story:

6. Justin Moore attempted murder stabbing in love-triangle


According to prosecutors, on or around the evening to early morning hours of Nov 13-14, Justin Wayne Moore allegedly burst into his ex-girlfriend’s home on Oakland-Locust Ridge Rd near Mt Orab, and attempted to kill her new love interest, Tyler Dean.

Dean supposedly was stabbed multiple times with a knife by Moore, who burst into the home uninvited and found him in an upstairs bedroom.

The ex-girlfriend transported Dean to Clermont Mercy Hospital. Staff at the hospital then contacted Brown County Communications Center and informed them of the stabbing.

Moore has been indicted on attempted murder and felony assault charges.

See our article from Nov. 16 for more on the initial investigation prior to his indictment:

5. Jay & Denise Applegate murder-suicide

jayapplegateOn Feb. 2, Jay & Denise Applegate were found shot to death in their Stephan Rd home near Sardinia.

Emergency personnel were originally called to the home on a report of an unspecified individual having breathing troubles, but instead discovered the couple’s bodies when they entered the residence.

Investigators believe Jay Applegate murdered his estranged wife, Denise Applegate, and then took his own life in the wake of a failing marriage.

The two were reportedly going through a divorce at the time. Family and friends accused Jay of being a long-time abuser of Denise.

A divorce complaint filed in Brown County Court of Common Pleas also alleged Jay of being “guilty of extreme cruelty.”

Chrys Jacobs, a friend of Denise Applegate, told WCPO in February she had took her in at the height of the abuse, in what she described as “a three-and-a-half years of hell for her.” In a separate interview with WCPO, the family of Denise Applegate said Jay Applegate was a conflicted man.

4. Cynthia Felekey police chase


On Oct. 10, Cynthia Felekey allegedly took Ohio State Highway Patrol on a high-speed pursuit through eastern Brown County, and then caused injuries for two patrolmen in a series of scuffles that followed.

The pursuit began when a patrolman observed Felekey speeding at over 100 MPH, and eventually ended outside the home of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

One of the patrolmen was put on medical leave and had to undergo three surgeries to reset a dislocated ankle he sustained during one of the purported scuffles with Felekey.

Felekey was put on a 72-hour hold for a psychiatric evaluation and later indicted in Brown County Court of Common Pleas.

See our article from Oct. 22 for the full story on the Cynthia Felekey police chase:

3. Robert Philpot attempted murder stabbing in neighbor feud

philpotOn Mar. 11, Robert Philpot allegedly attempted to kill his neighbor David Amburgey by stabbing him multiple times with a knife.

Earlier in the day, Philpot was arrested after being accused of approaching Amburgey with a hammer in hand threatening to kill him.

Amburgey reportedly punched Philpot in self-defense and was able to grab the knife from Philpot’s hand, but both men ending up collapsing from their injuries and had to be flown to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

Amburgey was rushed into the intensive care unit and is reportedly still hospitalized, suffering from a traumatic brain injury due to the incident.

Philpot is currently under a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is competent enough to stand trial.

See our Dec. 8 article for the full story and most recent developments in the Robert Philpot case:

2. Timothy Resibois home-invasion robbery

resiboisOn Apr. 8, Timothy Resibois allegedly stole a car before arriving in Brown County, where he was accused of pulling a knife and invading an elderly man’s home, stealing $100 of the man’s cash and his car keys.

Resibois then left in the man’s car, leaving the first stolen vehicle behind.

According to the victim, Resibois knocked on his door and asked to use his phone before he pulled a knife and robbed him.

The next day, an officer spotted Resibois in Mt. Orab allegedly driving the stolen vehicle. Resibois was then subsequently arrested.

In June, Resibois received a fourteen-year prison sentence.

1. Michael Wilcox double-murder

wilcox.jpgOn Apr. 16, Michael Wilcox allegedly shot to death his girlfriend, Courtney Fowler, before traveling to Erlanger, Kentucky and shooting to death his best friend, Zachary Gilkison.

Brown County Sheriff’s Office and Hamersville Life Squad responded to the home of Michael Wilcox where Fowler was found dead.

Approximately an hour and a half later, a Brown County Prosecutor’s Office investigator and his wife spotted Wilcox. The two reportedly were drug a short distance by Wilcox’ vehicle as they attempted to pull him out.

A high-speed pursuit then ensued through three counties, ending with Wilcox allegedly getting out of his vehicle and taunting an officer to shoot him.

The officer’s body camera footage surfaced online and went viral, making national headlines.

During interrogation, Wilcox allegedly told investigators he was listening to music that “told him to do something crazy” when he shot and killed Fowler. When asked if he was on any drugs at the time, Wilcox allegedly responded saying he was on “everything.”

Wilcox initially pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, a plea prosecutors allege was an attempt by Wilcox to minimize his responsibility for Fowler’s death, before changing his plea to guilty.

Prosecutors had accused Wilcox of attempting to fake mental illness at trial.

For the death of Courtney Fowler, Wilcox was sentenced to 18 years to life in prison. He has not yet gone on trial in Kentucky for the murder of Zachary Gilkison.

Brown County Crime Reporter Dec 31, 2015 6:32 AM EST

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