Iron Horsemen charged with riot in Aberdeen bar fight


by Aaron Gibson, April 23, 2016

Nearly a week after a man said he was assaulted by several members of the Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang at an Aberdeen bar, riot charges were filed on Friday, April 22 against five men allegedly involved in the incident.

According to police, a host working security and a member of the Iron Horsemen were transported to Meadowview Regional Medical Center in Maysville, Ky. around 1:30 a.m. on April 17 following a bar fight at Jethro’s Place, a bar located in the Beverly Hills Inn hotel in Aberdeen.

The two men were treated at the hospital and released, police said.

Up to 15 members of the Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang were questioned on scene, but no arrests were immediately made.

As a result of the investigation, five men have been charged with aggravated riot, a fourth-degree felony, and assault, a first-degree misdemeanor. The men charged in the incident include:

Franklin Delano Griffith III, age 35 of Manchester

Lawrence Wayne Allen, Jr., age 47 of Peebles

Wesley Alan Gibson, age 33 of Hillsboro

John A. Mcintosh, Jr., age 48 of West Union

Robert Steven Bowling, age 58 of Cincinnati

Warrants have been issued for their arrest in Brown County Municipal Court. At press time, none of the men are in police custody.

The Iron Horsemen is an outlaw motorcycle club founded in Cincinnati in the mid-1960s.

Police allege the group is involved in large-scale drug trafficking in the Midwest and Eastern regions of the United States, using Atlanta, Ga. as a hub for interstate travel. The Iron Horsemen, however, deny being a criminal organization.

Since their founding, the gang has been involved in a number of violent incidents in the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area.

Between 2010 and 2014, the Cincinnati chapter of the Iron Horsemen were involved in a turf war with the rival group Detroit Highwaymen, which resulted in several shootings, stabbings and firebombings between the two gangs.

Brown County Crime Reporter, April 23, 2016 1:50 PM EST

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30 thoughts on “Iron Horsemen charged with riot in Aberdeen bar fight

    1. You should get your facts straight, if you don’t know what you’re talking about, you shouldn’t be voicing your opinion


  1. My cousin rode with the Cincinnati chapter Horseman for years.. He was severely injured in a bike wreck many years ago.. They helped him and his family pay bills, and get by… And when he died a couple of years ago.. They were nothing but kind, courteous and respectful to his elderly mother and to every other person in attendance of the funeral…. They are not all bad people…. Bikers get a bum rap most of the time because they are feared. Not every incident of violence is caused by the bikers…. A lot of the time they are pushed into a fight because some gung ho jerk wants to see how big of a man he is by “taking on” a bad biker. Stop stereotyping them.

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  2. There were only about 15 people in the bar that night & only 2 were members. The papers & news should spend a little more time checking facts instead of fabricating stories. I know for a fact that the warrants were not even active at the time of this article. Three men who are not Horsemen turned theirselves in first thing on Monday morning at which time the warrants were made active. The other 2 who were patched members have not yet been picked up. The only reason that this simple & common bar fight has been turned into such a fiasco is because of who was involved. The comments made about them having any involvement with the Pike Co murders are nothing more than the imagination of people who obviously have no life of their own.


    1. The cases were filed the day before the article was written, meaning the warrants were in fact active…this article is probably how they found out about them to even turn themselves in. You check your facts!!


      1. In fact when they turned themselves in on Mon. morning it took hours because they had to wait for them to be made active!!! Were you there then? No you weren’t so check your facts!!!


      2. Yes they did turn there self’s in ! I know for a fact because one is a brother to me.and all the other guy’s isn’t violent so people needs to have there facts straight before judgement because there in a bike group don’t mean there tearable people because there not.


  3. Let’s talk about something cool, like the fact the arresting officer “chief Foister Fred Hampton ” was just released from probation in Highland county for beating his wife and breaking protection order. And the fact that he was fired from his position in hillsboro police dept, ordered by the courts to get rid of all his firearms within 90 days . it’s all public record. Hypocrisy woman beater. Google his name three things pop up. Him landing job of chief of aberdeen, then right under it him pleading guilty in court for beating his wife. One year later he’s a chief of police. Thanks for being a gentleman. And his wife made a pretty messy recording I heard that could be pretty bad on a law enforcement official. Didn’t the past chief of aberdeen have a problem being a woman beater. His wife end up hanging from a rope. Give a psycopath a badge and a gun. Its all public record.

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    1. I completely agree with you Law!! I’ve heard & read the same stuff. Just another example of an elected official abusing the power given to them by the people!!!


    2. wtf does any of that have to do with this article or the horsemen being arrested for being violent jackasses? LOL. your argument and statements are completely invalid, and have nothing to do with the topic or situation. but I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less from some nutrag who gets passed around the clubhouse each week. who probably didn’t make it passed the 7th grade and is just butthurt because her dope connection is sitting behind bars.


  4. I have PERSONALLY seen firsthand the CLASS and CHARACTER of the Iron Horsemen MC. I’m married to a niece of a PATCHED member. They have the upmost respect for any and everyone that shows them the same. They try their hardest to give back to the community and take care of any and EVERY AMERICAN citizen whenever or whoever they may be. Stereotypes are too common. And, of course, this is absolutely the very first thing that comes to mind when the Horsemen are mentioned. Things are always what they seem. God Bless.


  5. lol @ the iron horsemen…you people can sugar coat their bs it all you want and try to make them sound like good people…but they are not…I used to run around with a lot of them when i was younger, i was a criminal and trust me… they are all criminals…every last one of them..they are scum of the earth violent people..being kind to the elderly and children is a front. they are not fooling anyone…quit insulting peoples intelligence. people who bring heroin into this state are not our friends. murderer’s, bullies, drug addicts and drug pushers, rapist’s…all of the above, gimme a break…and let me know when you arrive back on planet earth.


    1. You hit the target dude! Everything you said is true,I get sick of hearing all the sugarcoated bull! I wouldn’t introduce anyone I care about, to them or, anyone associated with them. Glad to hear from someone who doesn’t fabricate crap.
      God bless us all.


  6. I was shocked to see this on the news today.As I’ve been a friend of one of those in jail for over 35 yrs. I don’t know anything about the Iron Horsemen,but he’s always been respectful and nice to me.We grew up as kids and classmates.Really shocked at this.I also think because of a motorcycle gang they are automatically labeled horrible people unfairly. I can only speak for myself and wasn’t at the fight.I know motorcycle gangs or clubs do good things for people also.Don’t know what justified the fight ,but think if the Iron Horsemen’s name wasn’t mentioned, we would’ve never saw this on the news.


    1. The man that was assaulted is in fact a sexual predator . child pornography cases from Oklahoma. Point that out to the jury. H Cohen baker sexual predator list for child pornography.


  7. You have a crooked cop that was fired for violently beating his wife, and a sexual predator that was assaulted as a star witness. Wow, the plot thickens. A jury and the media will love this.


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