Mt. Orab selected for medical marijuana grow site


by Aaron Gibson, November 30, 2017

Mount Orab has been chosen as one of 12 sites for a large-scale medical marijuana growing facility, the Ohio Department of Commerce announced Thursday, Nov. 30.

Ohio has approved 24 sites in total. The sites are divided into two tiers: level I licenses are allowed up to 25,000 square feet growing space, and level II licenses are allowed up to 3,000 square feet.

Nicholas Vita, president and CEO of Columbia Care LLC, is approved to operate a Level I indoor medical marijuana site at 223 Homan Way in Mt. Orab’s growing Brooks-Malott Commerce Center.

Construction and other investment in the one-story medical marijuana facility is expected to cost nearly $11.5 million.

Cultivation will take place in locked zones with restricted access and all areas potentially containing medical marijuana will be under 24/7 surveillance, according to Columbia Care LLC.

Columbia Care LLC currently operates medical marijuana facilities in Arizona, Illinois, New York, and other states. The company also has a presence in Puerto Rico.

Applications cost the cultivators $20,000, while initial licensing fees will run $180,000. Annual renewals will cost $200,000.

Ohio is the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana. The Ohio medical marijuana program is expected to become fully operational next September.

Other local sites approved for medical marijuana cultivation include a Level II facility in Wilmington.

Brown County Crime Reporter, November 30, 2017 1:41 PM EST

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14 thoughts on “Mt. Orab selected for medical marijuana grow site

      1. when & show me the documentation. I have voted in every election and this has never been passed by voters that I can remember.


  1. Brown County is noted as one of the highest Heroin drug overdose counties
    in the state and now this! Someone is planning to get rich — who is the local person or persons behind this operation?


  2. This could be a huge help to alot of people dealing with cancer, RA and other painful illnesaes. As for the druggies your worried about, people who are going to self medicate to cover or hide from something in their lives are much safer with pot than the chemicals such as heroine and meth going around. Not to mention all of their children flooding the foster system. I for one would rather see someone experiment with weed than heroine at a party when it comes to our kids.


  3. I’m glad Mt Orab was chosen simply for the economic boost to our area – after all it will be grown somewhere – why not here. Also – As someone who suffer with unmanageable pain and Fibromyalgia- I will try medical marijuana to see if it gives me any relief


  4. This is in no way going to contribute to the a”Heroin overdoes” in brown county. Medical marijuana will help with many different illnesses. Please educate yourself before leaving your opinion


    1. When I smoked pot about 17 yrs. ago never was sick in my life. Now that I quit because of job I’m always sick. I would do medical marijuana again for this reason.


  5. My mom has Parkinson’s and most days is a struggle and its not getting better. I’ve researched and I think this is great One more step forward!!


  6. People need to research it needs to be put in a oil not smoked in order to get the proper cbd to help with illness these big growing companies r going to get rich off the people it’s sad but it may be a ecadimiic for heroin users sorry for misspelling


  7. If someone is interested enough to invest 11 million dollars in Mt. Orab, you have to wonder what this money would do for schools, meals for low income and free vaccines for children. I’m acquainted with this small town and the surrounding areas. So much could be done to help so many. I am a proponent of medical pot, but I believe other issues to benefit a greater number would be a far better idea.


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