Assault victims become burglary suspects, arrested

Brian Crank
Brian Crank
Jessica Crank
Jessica Crank

Brown County Sheriff’s Office arrested a husband and wife on burglary charges after they were victims of an assault just the night before.

The suspects, Brian Crank, age 32, and Jessica Crank, age 28, were injured in an assault at their Green Township residence on Monday morning, Oct 26.

The two men allegedly responsible for the assault, Doug Watson and Todd Cook, were arrested shortly after the incident. Upon being released from medical treatment, Brian and Jessica Crank were arrested for burglary.

Brian and Jessica Crank are accused of breaking into a home on Hess Road, Sterling Township, on Friday, Oct 23. The husband and wife had previously rented the property. One of the men from the assault on Monday morning, Todd Cook, resides at the Hess Road address.

Brian Crank and Jessica Crank cut a video camera system from the home during the burglary and attempted to dispose of it, but the DVR system was located along the railroad tracks. The recovered video allegedly shows the husband and wife.

During a search warrant executed on Tuesday, Oct 27, evidence was collected from the Crank’s current residence on Crawford-Day Road, and the two were brought to the Brown County Adult Detention Center on second-degree felony burglary charges. Both suspects admitted to the burglary, according to detectives.

Jeffery Carlier
Jeffery Carlier

In a second burglary case, court documents filed on Monday indicate Brian Crank, alongside Jeffery Carlier, broke into a home on Barker Road in Perry Township. The two men allegedly stole multiple firearms, jewelry and coins from the residence on Sept 22, 2015.

Coins Plus in Beechmont, Clermont County provided Brown County Sheriff’s Office with video from the next day that appeared to show Brian Crank and Carlier selling the jewelry and coins taken in the Barker Road burglary.

Carlier, age 52, was questioned and admitted to entering the home with Brian Crank, according to detectives. He has been incarcerated at the Brown County Adult Detention Center since Oct 16, charged with second-degree felony burglary.

Brian Crank faces an additional second-degree burglary charge in the Barker Road incident.

Editor’s note: WLWT 5 reported on Wednesday, Oct 28, that the suspect Jeffery Carlier, of Perry Township, is facing 21 felony charges related to seven burglaries in Brown County. Detectives said he is also allegedly responsible for 22 burglaries in Clermont County and another three burglaries in Clinton County.

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2 thoughts on “Assault victims become burglary suspects, arrested

    1. Her husband is taking all the fall for her parts in all the other counties. They are both equally guilty and horrible people. She had apparently got away with her crimes in Clermont for theft, before all of these crimes came out.


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