Burglary ring member sent to prison

Brandon Lang

by Brown County Crime Reporter, Nov 21, 2015

Convicted burglary ring member Brandon Lang will be spending the next ten years in prison after a ruling by Brown County Court of Common Pleas judge Scott T. Gusweiler on Friday, Nov 20th.

Lang is the third of four to be sentenced for his role in the group after ring member Christina Stacy was sentenced to six years in prison and Kenneth “BJ” Lunsford was sentenced to 4 years 8 months in prison. The fourth member, Samuel Stacy, has not yet been sentenced.

The burglary ring was accused of breaking into homes and businesses throughout southern Brown County in Pleasant and Union Townships, targeting bank cards, cash, firearms, personal checks and other personal property.

In one notable incident on May 6, 2015, the burglary ring brazenly broke into Ripley Laundromat to steal a coin machine. The indictments allege the group had stole golf cart batteries just the night before.

Judge Gusweiler found Lang guilty of two counts of second-degree felony burglary, one count of fourth-degree felony receiving stolen property, one count of fifth-degree felony receiving stolen property, two counts of fifth-degree felony theft, and two counts of fifth-degree felony breaking and entering.

Lang will be confined a total of ten years in Ohio Department of Corrections, must pay court costs and restitution, and undergo mandatory three years of post release control. He could spend either one year or the remainder of his parole consecutively with any additional sentence should he commit a new felony while under post release control, according to court records.

–Brown County Crime Reporter Nov 21, 2015 4:45 AM EST

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