Prison time for community control violator

Chasity Duerk

by Brown County Crime Reporter, Nov 26, 2015

Chasity Lynn Duerk, of New Richmond, will be eating Thanksgiving dinner behind bars this year after violating conditions of community control sanctions imposed against her.

Duerk was convicted in Brown County Court of Common Pleas of two counts of fifth-degree felony breaking & entering in June 2014, stemming from two incidents where she accompanied co-defendant Brian Wolke in trespassing onto land or premises for the purpose of committing theft, according to court documents. She was sentenced to three years of community control sanctions.

As part of her community control sanctions, Duerk was to undergo inpatient treatment at Stepping Stones. Court records indicate Duerk was granted leave so she could give birth, but did not return despite being ordered to on November 14, 2014.

Duerk also allegedly did not provide the Probation Department with a valid address or report to her probation officer in December 2014.

On Nov 25, 2015, after admitting guilt of violating her community control sanctions, Duerk received two concurrent 11-month sentences for both counts of breaking & entering. She will be credited 88 days for time already served.

Duerk could be released as soon as February 12, 2017 with judicial release, according to the Ohio Department of Corrections website.

Co-defendant Brian Wolke is currently serving two years in Ohio Department of Corrections following a conviction in Clermont County for an unrelated third-degree felony attempted robbery offense. Wolke received two years of community control sanctions for his role in the breaking & entering offenses with Duerk, but has been considered an absconder since May after he too stopped reporting to the Probation Department.

–Brown County Crime Reporter Nov 26, 2015 5:20 PM EST

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