Man accused of assault on BCSO deputy

by Aaron Gibson, Editor, January 5, 2016

Gerald Dickens

Charges have been filed against a man who allegedly assaulted a Brown County Sheriff’s deputy and another man on New Year’s morning.

According to a written affidavit, Deputy Brandon Johnson was responding to a report of an assault at suspect Gerald Dickens’ home on College Avenue in Sardinia when Dickens allegedly attempted to punch him and then shoved him backward.

In the affidavit, Johnson claims Dickens refused to put his hands behind his back and had to be tased twice.

Dickens had apparently got into a fight with another individual prior to Brown County Sheriff’s arriving. He allegedly claimed he punched the other man twice in self-defense.

Prior to the altercation with Johnson, Cpl. Eric Lang observed the other man was unconscious and injuries were present on both of Dickens’ hands, according to court records.

Dickens has been charged with third-degree felony assault, first-degree misdemeanor assault and first-degree misdemeanor resisting arrest. He is currently incarcerated at Butler County Jail, awaiting a Jan. 11 court hearing, on $75,000 cash, surety or property bond.

Brown County Crime Reporter, January 5, 2015 5:49 PM EST

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3 thoughts on “Man accused of assault on BCSO deputy

  1. He didn’t shove or attempt to punch any cop it’s all lies!!!!! Eye witnesses standing right there watched what went down.


    1. This is so far from the truth, this young man doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. So quick to judge. How about we fix our system. We can’t pay for our jails, to be fixed. But we can arrest a man on false acts. Hang in there G. Prayers that God will let the truth come out, then the person who falsely accused you will half to answer to him.


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