Burglary ring member indicted on new charges

by Aaron Gibson, January 19, 2016

—Update 01/24/16: Sherry Carlier was taken into custody and booked into the Butler County Jail on Thursday, Jan. 21. —-

Jeffrey Carlier

An alleged burglary ring member with two pending cases is now facing new charges in Brown County after a grand jury indicted him Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Jeffrey Carlier was indicted on one count each of second-degree felony burglary, third-degree felony grand theft when the property is a firearm or dangerous ordnance,  fourth-degree felony safecracking, and fourth-degree felony receiving stolen property.

The charges stem from new evidence surfacing which allegedly links Jeffrey Carlier, his wife Sherry Carlier, and a third man to a burglary that occurred in Brown County on or about June 29, 2015, bringing to a total of eight burglaries supposedly committed by Jeffrey Carlier in Brown County. Investigators believe Jeffrey Carlier and accomplices are also responsible for 25 burglaries in other counties. Jeffrey Carlier himself has been linked to 33 of 34 burglaries allegedly committed by the ring.

A .22 caliber revolver, German Luger, and a .30 caliber M1 carbine were allegedly stolen from a gun cabinet in the latest burglary to come to light, according to the indictment.

Sherry Carlier

Sherry Carlier is currently facing a second-degree felony burglary charge related to the case, but could face more charges as it is presented to the grand jury for a future indictment. As of press time, a warrant to arrest is still active for Sherry Carlier in Brown County Municipal Court.

A bench warrant has also been issued for Sherry Carlier’s arrest in Clermont County after she did not appear for sentencing Jan. 4 in connection with a tampering with evidence conviction for her role in the burglary ring in that county. She was housed in the Clinton County Jail awaiting extradition to Campbell County, Kentucky on non burglary-related charges at the time.

Sherry Carlier’s whereabouts are currently unclear. Online jail records indicate she is no longer incarcerated in Campbell County.

Second-degree felony burglary charges have been filed against the third man implicated in the crime. Brown County Crime Reporter has decided to withhold his name until his arrest.

Prosecutors said they intend to file a motion consolidating Jeffrey Carlier’s new case with his pending case in Brown County Common Pleas Court. Additionally, Jeffrey Carlier must answer to charges related to several burglaries in Clermont County.

According to prosecutors, in the latest burglary case, a gun dealer in Clinton County was found to be in possession of the stolen firearms. He was questioned and told investigators who sold him the firearms, which then lead to another individual that indicated he received the firearms from Jeffrey Carlier.

Under questioning by Detective Noble of Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Sherry Carlier allegedly admitted she, along with her husband Jeffrey Carlier and another man, burglarized the home and hid the gun cabinet. She allegedly told investigators where the gun cabinet had been hidden at the Indian Creek Wildlife Area near Fayetteville, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources then turned the gun cabinet over to investigators, according to court records.

Investigators believe they have linked Jeffrey Carlier, Sherry Carlier, Brian Crank, Jessica Crank and the unnamed individual to a total of 34 burglaries committed in Brown, Clermont and Clinton Counties.

Noble and detectives from other counties continue to investigate the Carlier burglary ring.

Brown County Crime Reporter, January 19, 2016 10:55 PM EST, UPDATED January 20, 2016 10:55 AM EST

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One thought on “Burglary ring member indicted on new charges

  1. What a dynamic couple sharing in all the criminal system has to offer them.Wait its drugs no a hard life no maybe just good ole laziness makes em this way.Bet they were just about to turn their lives around.


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