Ripley woman sentenced to prison for 100+ MPH police chase

by Aaron Gibson, January 19, 2016

Rebecca A. Knisley

A Ripley woman accused of leading police on a car chase above 100 miles per hour will be spending 30 months in prison.

Rebecca A. Knisley pleaded guilty in Brown County Common Pleas Court to one count of third-degree felony failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, and was sentenced by Judge Scott T. Gusweiler to 30 months in prison with a mandatory three years post-release control on Friday, Jan. 15.

Additionally, Knisley will have her driver’s license suspended for the next 10 years and was recommended to be placed in the Ohio Reformatory for Women’s Tapestry program.

As part of Knisley’s plea, two counts of first-degree misdemeanor operating a vehicle under the influence were dropped.

Knisley could have received a maximum sentence of 36 months in prison.

According to prosecutors, the pursuit began in Georgetown the evening of July 22, 2015  after Georgetown Police Lieutenant Robert Gifford attempted to initiate a traffic stop on a silver four-door 2002 Pontiac operated by Knisley.

While inside Georgetown village limits, Knisley allegedly ran several stop signs and traffic lights at 80 miles per hour, then turned onto US-68 and accelerated her vehicle to speeds surpassing 100 miles per hour.

“Once out on US-68, the initial officer had to approach speeds of 130 miles per hour,” First Assistant Prosecutor Zac Corbin said, adding, “Speeds were pretty excessive trying to catch up to Ms. Knisley.”

The chase ended on Ripley Road in Union Township after Knisley allegedly crashed her vehicle attempting to make a turn into a driveway. After the wreck, Knisley and her two passengers fled the vehicle and hid, according to prosecutors.

“One girl made it into the weeds, the other two went into the woods, but they all eventually came out once the officers ordered them out,” Corbin said. “I think they just basically acknowledged they weren’t gonna get away, and a bad situation had already become worse, and they didn’t want to make it even worse for themselves.”

No injuries were reported as a result of the wreck, and the two passengers did not face any charges in connection with the pursuit.

Once in custody, Knisley allegedly admitted she was under the influence of Vicodin, a prescription medication which contains the controlled substance hydrocodone. A urinalysis also confirmed Knisley had a heroin metabolite at a concentration greater than 200 nanograms per milliliter in her system.

In a handwritten letter sent to Judge Scott T. Gusweiler prior to sentencing, Knisley explained she did not stop for police out of fear, saying, “I was scared, and I just reacted.”

Brown County Sheriff’s Office and Ohio State Highway Patrol assisted Georgetown Police in the pursuit.

Brown County Crime Reporter January 22, 2016 2:18 AM EST

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12 thoughts on “Ripley woman sentenced to prison for 100+ MPH police chase

  1. Are you kidding me. She should have gotten the max. People choose to do drugs. She obviously wasn’t turning her life around because she tested positive for drugs. I have no remorse for people that do drugs.


      1. It truly is nice. That girl got what she deserved. She’s going to miss the outside world for the next 30 months


  2. Wow can’t believe what the drugs are doing to all the people I know an close friends an family I can’t feel sorry for anyone of em anymore u think it would be a wake up call one day she’s lucky no one was killed in the process I wish her the best of luck


  3. Everyone makes mistakes.. no one is perfect.. she’s a very nice girl.. and had never been in trouble until now.. did she deserve to go to prison? I don’t think so.. she should have gotten Star or felony probation w outpatient treatment.. she’s a drug addict whom needs treatment..she’s not prison material.. but it is what it is and we live and learn.. I pray for her cuz she made a bad decision due to being under the influence..had she of not been under the influence, that would had never happened that night.. No one has the right to judge her cuz we have all made mistakes we never thought we would make.. I will see u again one day Becca.. Good luck girl!!


    1. So, by your logic if someone kills someone while high then they shouldn’t be held accountable for their crime because it was the drugs fault. That is a completely silly view. She broke the law and that has consequences. That is why she is in jail. Also, she is not a nice girl. She is a terrible person.


  4. You guys don’t know half of what she has done. All you see is her fake side. She has hurt a lot of people with no care in the world about it. And she continued to keep hurting the people that loved her. If you only knew what she did to me. But yeah I agree 30 months is crazy. She should get star for 12 months. She needs help of one day she will be dead from the drug!


  5. I don’t know the girl but she might had stop if Brown County would have stop chasing her. I through that the police were not aloud to chase people that fast? Not one has a right to judge her but God. You don’t like her, stay away from her.My own opion, 95% of the people in Brown County under the age of 50 or so ain’t honest anyway and then you got another 2% over 50 that’s the same way.So give Brown Country a great big hand.The higher up people has made it lilke it is.People that should go to jail ,Don’t, People that shouldn’t do and The higher ups make sure that they do whatever it takes to put them there.!!


  6. What an idiot!!!!! This just goes to show you how people are when they are on dope. Stupid and reckless, she could’ve killed the two girls that were in the car with her and she could’ve killed an innocent person or child. She deserves to be in prison. And police can chance it just depends on their policy. Maybe prison will save her life for a little bit longer. People like her can’t get clean because of the idiots in brown county.


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