Mt. Orab woman accused of stealing motor vehicle


by Aaron Gibson, March 2, 2016

Deputies from the Brown County Sheriff’s Office made an arrest on a woman Wednesday morning accused of stealing a motor vehicle.

Alexys Fields, age 23 of Mt. Orab, allegedly took the motor vehicle without the owner’s consent on Tuesday, Mar. 1 in the Jefferson Township area of Brown County, according to court records.

Fields has been charged with fourth-degree felony theft. Bond was set at $5,000 recognizance under the conditions Fields must take a weekly drug test and have no contact with the victim. Fields is expected in court for a preliminary hearing on Apr. 14.

Brown County Crime Reporter, March 2, 2016 9:39 AM EST

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6 thoughts on “Mt. Orab woman accused of stealing motor vehicle

    1. There’s alot more too it than what was wrote in this article. Its a shame people are too busy slandering me than to have their opinions, think what they want but no need to slander me and post all over the internet for everyone and their mother to see. Ugh. Smh.


  1. This pork and I went and looked at her Facebook page in to see how beautiful and vibrant she wants was and the decline from the drug abuse it’s terrible I pray she gets help so many people don’t understand addiction and don’t know what to do about it is either I hope they all die or they have too much compassion and not enough tough love for the addict and it helps to continue the cycle this is terrible this girl looks like hell the drug that is flooding our population and destroying our family structure is the devil’s blood and these people are so weak they have no clue how to get away from it I hope she can seek God seek treatment find inner strength something how sad


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