‘Post office worker stole from Decatur branch,’ prosecutors say

US Post Office, Decatur, Ohio

by Aaron Gibson, March 3, 2016

A former post office employee accused of stealing more than $1,000 in money orders from the Decatur branch where he worked was indicted on fourteen counts by a Brown County grand jury on Thursday, Feb. 25.

Ryan K. Mason, age 32 of Peebles, Adams County, was indicted Thursday on charges of theft and forgery, fifth-degree felonies, and tampering with records, a third-degree felony.

The indictment alleges through the month of Oct. 2015, Mason, while an employee at the U.S. Post Office in Decatur, stole U.S. Postal Service funds by taking six money orders to be used for his own benefit without any authorization from the company to do so.

According to prosecutors, Mason allegedly attempted to use the money orders despite the U.S. Postal Service entering them into the system as voided.

Mason allegedly traded two of the money orders to another individual for a firearm, while using another money order to pay a car payment, prosecutors said.

A special agent from the Office of the Ohio Inspector General assisted the Brown County Prosecutor’s Office in making the case against Mason.

Deputies from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office are currently in the process of serving Mason with a summons to appear in Brown County Common Pleas Court on April 6.

Brown County Crime Reporter, March 3, 2016 1:26 PM EST

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12 thoughts on “‘Post office worker stole from Decatur branch,’ prosecutors say

  1. doesnt surprise me- he was a bit shady bringing his 2 yr old to work with him every day and coming to my house to ask if he could have my wifi password- where the heck do they get these crazy people?

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      1. I am not a mister but thanks tool…mayb you should check who you are blasting before you run your mouth


  2. Sounds like someone is trying to make people look at someone else so they don’t look so bad. I think ttoole is mr Ryan mason at it again, I’m sure his family will buy him out of this one too he gets away with everything cause they know the judges and pay them off for him. It’s a shame they are good people they need to know when to stop trying to polish a turd clearly he’s not good he’s exactly like his dad. Time to face reality.


    1. You’re correct in that you cannot polish a “turd”. A turd would be the vile act of marrying a man that has attempted to sexually molest a prepubescent little girl. You have far too much time on your hands. Insecurities can be found in the eyes of the beholder. Those that claim to repent shall not judge thee or ye shall be judged. Fly away you wicked demon. Fly, fly away! This is not an attempt to deflect any blame or guilt but a realistic attestment to the sad humans that have nothing else to do but gossip and lie. This is not Ryan, there is more than one human that knows the disgusting truths of the person on the other end of this string.


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