One stabbed, three arrested in Feesburg fight

by Aaron Gibson, March 8, 2016

A man was stabbed during a family argument in Feesburg that ended with three arrests over the weekend.

The incident occurred at a West Main Street home in Feesburg on Saturday morning, March 5. Detectives said several individuals were assaulted during the argument and a man was stabbed with a knife.

Carol A. Cooper

According to detectives, Carol A. Cooper allegedly stabbed her brother-in-law, puncturing his left wrist and slicing him across his back and side. She is also accused of punching her sister during the argument.

Cooper has been charged with second-degree felonious assault and first-degree misdemeanor domestic violence in connection with the incident.

Daniel Clancy

Daniel Clancy is accused of punching and choking his sister-in-law and punching a second female during the argument. He has been charged with fourth-degree felony domestic violence and first-degree misdemeanor assault.

Pamela Cooper-Clancy is accused of punching her sister and punching, hitting, and eye-gouging a second female during the incident. She has been charged with first-degree misdemeanor domestic violence and first-degree misdemeanor assault.

Both Clancy and Cooper remain in jail on $15,000 cash, surety or property bond. Pamela Cooper-Clancy was released on $7,000 OR bond.

Brown County Crime Reporter, March 8, 2016 11:01 AM EST

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3 thoughts on “One stabbed, three arrested in Feesburg fight

    1. In my opinion I see that these individuals should’ve been charged with the same crime. And in my opinion I feel that Mr.Clancy was charged by his old record not the crime at the time. The wife should’ve been charged the same charges as her husband. The system is failing all us,as society. And that’s all I got to say about all that. Thank you for your time Sincerely Anthony Howes!!!!!$$$$$


    2. I think what he meant was why was Daniel Clancy Charged with felonies when he was not the one who had the weapon or used one? Also how does the state handle situation with someone getting cut like that and having all those stitches and a artery cut because some of your county jails only have a nurse at all times and a Dr. that only come’s once a if he would have something happen to him medically while been held on these charges until further court hearing is the state responsible for all medical bills and treatment I sure know it can’t be healthy or safe l for him and others around him with having open wounds that can cause problems later like infection everyone knows all county jails are not the cleanest place to be let alone been in jail in the situation that he is in?


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